Nosiola Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Nosiola, a unique white grape, the undisputed symbol of the Valle dei Laghi and the only native white variety of Trentino. A soil of fluvial origin with a strong clay component also recalled in the name of this splendid wine that travels through time.
The strength of authenticity and the charm of an oenological research marked by rigorous simplicity.
Pure Trentino identity, this Nosiola manages to express every nuance of the Valle dei Laghi in a succession of unforgettable emotions.
An elegant, complex wine, with many shades that alternate between smell and taste. A wine that brings with it the history, tradition, vocation and uniqueness of a territory such as the Valle dei Laghi.

Grape variety

Nosiola is the only native white grape variety in Trentino, used for the production of fine white wines.


selection of the best grapes produced in the vineyard in the "Argiller" area, one of the best crus for the production of Nosiola in the entire Valle dei Laghi.


end of September, carefully following the climatic and vegetative trends of the year, manual harvesting and selection of the grapes.

Vinification & refinement

the selection of the best Nosiola grapes allows for a soft pressing to slowly extract a high quality must followed by a light maceration on the skins. Immediately afterwards, fermentation begins in large oak barrels where the wine ages for over 6 years before bottling. Following a refinement in the bottle that lasts for a few months and almost 7 years after the harvest, the wine is finally ready to be marketed. For this reason, Largiller is produced only in the best vintages, when the quality of the grapes expresses its maximum potential.

Organoleptic characteristics

a deep straw yellow color with brilliant golden reflections. On the nose, the Largiller is very intense and complex: the slight fruity nuances reminiscent of grapefruit and green apple are accompanied by soft floral touches that recall broom and wild lime, leaving a delicate hint of hazelnut on the finish. On the palate, it has a balanced, broad, round structure with excellent persistence, ending very fine and elegant with hints of wood and minerals.

Tasting & Pairing

to appreciate the unique characteristics of this complex and elegant wine, to be tasted in large glasses at a temperature of 10-12°C in combination with any dish based on fish, white meats and mushrooms, such as those that can be tasted when you visit Trentino and the Valle dei Laghi.


from 5 to 7 years, an infinite wine that over time develops new aromatic and gustatory scents that make it unforgettable years after bottling.

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