The official presentation of the “Vent” project born from the collaboration of our agronomists and oenologists to make the most of the territory of the Valle dei Laghi, the most suitable vineyards and vines, organic, viticultural and enological innovation. A research that has made it possible to produce high quality wines.

#stappacongamberorosso is a journey among the best labels in Italy led by Marco Sabellico, editor of the Gambero Rosso Italian Wines Guide. In this video tells our Foll.

#girovagandointrentino explains Nosiola of Valle dei Laghi and Largiller.

To help accelerate the Europe’s Climate Adaptation Strategy and become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, the European Commission has awarded a new flagship project named Climate Impetus with the objective of turning climate commitments into tangible, urgent actions to protect communities and the planet. Within the seven regional test-beds – one in every bio-climatic region of Europe – Valle dei Laghi and Cantina Toblino have been identified to represent the mountainous area, trying to scale up innovative solutions that can be used in the future by various players to face the issues of climate change.

Respect for the environment, as well as the increase in biodiversity in the countryside, represent the new frontiers for modern and competitive viticulture. For several years now, Cantina Toblino has been offering a virtuous example in this direction. In this short video you can find out how the concept of sustainability is expressed within our production chain and learn about our new projects, such as #DiVinoInVaso together with Progetto 92 and Beelieve Social Impact.

Cantina Toblino is a 2021 novelty in the selection of Cuzziol Grandi Vini. Carlo De Biasi together with Paolo Leone will take you to the discovery of this unique reality of the Valle dei Laghi, born in 1960 from a group of winemakers who joined forces to dedicate themselves to the harvest and production of quality grapes.
The importance of innovation and traditions, with an eye to organic and sustainability, is for Cantina Toblino the key to being able to produce excellent grapes and wines. The Vènt project was born from the ambition to best express the identity of the wines of the Valle dei Laghi, which focuses on organic as an expression of quality and territorial protection.

Girovagando in Trentino at Cantina Toblino. Knowledge that is transmitted over time, a growing attention to organic farming and sustainability. New projects, new ideas for a constant development of viticulture and enology in the Valle dei Laghi and in Trentino.

Organic Trentino is the platform of Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. dedicated to companies active in the organic product processing sector. The Trentino organic sector is arousing ever greater international interest. Cantina Toblino is a partner of the project and will represent Trentino’s organic agricultural products a BIOFACH / VIVANESS the largest global event dedicated to organic farming.

The wines

The wines

The Vènt selection

Vènt, a project that starts from the vine to obtain grapes of excellent quality, ends in the cellar, among the French oak barrels, the terracotta amphorae. A project that was born from the passion of man, in the vineyard and in the cellar, and which takes the form of tasting, an unforgettable moment imprinted in our mind.  

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