Chardonnay Trentino DOC Bio

Chardonnay, a white grape cultivated for more than a century in Trentino, coming from the most suitable vineyard in the Valle dei Laghi where this noble grape has found its perfect location. The mild climate, almost embellished by the winds, Ora del Garda and Pelèr from the Dolomites
that blow in this valley joins archaic lands of fluvial origin,
mostly composed of gravelly and sandy deposits, perfect for the production of
Chardonnay with a marked minerality and flavor.
An exciting and harmonious wine like the wind that blows in the Trentino valleys, the Foll.
A persistent and intense wind, like the grapes of this Chardonnay.
Deep, intense, persuasive like the wind that cools the air of the Valle dei Laghi.

Grape variety

Chardonnay which over time has found its perfect balance in the Valle dei Laghi.hi.


a vineyard in full maturity, located at 250m above sea level on a land of archaic origin, created over time by the glaciers and the Sarca river, an integral part of the Valle dei Laghi, composed of gravelly and sandy deposits, capable of giving wine a pleasant minerality and flavor.


from the beginning to mid-September, carefully following the climatic and vegetative trends of the year, manual harvesting and selection of the grapes.

Vinification & refinement

shortly after the soft pressing of the grapes, the must is partly divided into steel where it undergoes a short fermentation with cold maceration, in terracotta amphorae where it remains in contact with the skins for the next 7 months, in small French oak barrels in which the malolactic fermentation takes place. Subsequently, the wines are blended and then further refined in steel until bottling over 10 months after the harvest and for a few months in the bottle, integrating the organoleptic characteristics developed during the various refinements in the best possible way.

Organoleptic characteristics

deep straw yellow with golden reflections that amazes at first glance. On the nose, refined and elegant, with pleasant fruity hints of Williams pears, white peaches, Golden apples that combine with floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley. Refined, almost pimp, thanks to a delicate spicy touch that is barely perceptible to the nose. A delicate entry in the mouth to then open and fill the palate with all its complexity, vivacity and elegance. A very fine and persistent finish, mineral and savory, with great freshness and aromatic depth.

Tasting & Pairing

we recommend tasting in medium-sized glasses at 8-10°C, after a short decantation. Able to be a perfect accompaniment to any meal, it expresses its best with white fish carpaccio such as sea bass and snapper and with crustacean crudités, but also with white meats such as suckling pig and freshly weaned veal and with fresh and medium-aged cheeses. Not to be underestimated with fresh tagliolini and black truffle or mushroom risotto.


from 5 to 7 years, with the passage of time it refines its complexity even more becoming softer and more pleasant on the palate. An infinite wine that allows those who taste it to appreciate its evolution over the years.

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